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Each semester we host a series of workshops, brown bags, and special events.



Scholarly Communications, Authors’ Rights, and Copyright

Analyzing a Copyright Use Question: How To Analyze Any Copyright Scenario in Five Steps

Figuring out whether you can use someone else’s work can be difficult and confusing.  This session will give you an organized and consistent approach to help you reach a reasonable conclusion.

  • Tuesday, February 4, Atkins 273, 3-4 pm Register

Publishing an Open Access Journal with the Library

The DSL supports the publication of scholarly journals online and assists journal editors with the management, editorial work, and production of their scholarly journal.  The DSL offers journal hosting support services to UNC Charlotte faculty.  Our services are built on the Open Journal System (OJS) journal management software that facilitates the publication of online peer-reviewed journals.  DSL services include platform software hosting, updates, and copyright consulting.  This information session provides an overview of the library's journal publishing support services.

  • Friday, February 7, Atkins 273, 10-11 am Register
  • Thursday, March 13, Atkins 273, 2-3 pm Register

Care about Your Copyrights: Responsible Choices

Starting with the basics of copyright ownership, this discussion moves into managing your author rights with publishers and the options presented by author publication addendums and open access.

  • Friday, February 21, Atkins 273, 10-11 am Register

Introduction to Open Access and Copyright

Open Access is changing the landscape for how research is disseminated.  This session will present an overview of issues related to open access, copyright, and alternative licensing.

  •  Wednesday, March 12, Atkins 273, 11 am – 12 pm Register

Copyright Essentials: Ownership and Management Issues for Faculty and Graduate Students

Understanding your rights and responsibilities as a copyright holder is the foundation for managing your copyright responsibly.  Topics covered include copyright ownership principles as well as common university ownership policies.

  • Thursday, March 27, Atkins 273, 3-4 pm Register


BYOC Question: Open Session for Faculty Copyright (and Authors’ Rights) Questions

Faculty are invited to bring any questions they may have related to copyright and course content or to authors’ rights and publication agreements to this open session.  We will review the details of each question and work through each question step-by-step to illustrate how to rights are determined.

  • Friday, April 11, Atkins 273, 2-3 pm Register


Teaching with Copyrighted Materials:  Online Instruction with Copyrighted Material

For faculty and staff working with courses that contain an online component, knowledge of how copyright law and fair use affects your course content is a must.  This course takes an in-depth look at using copyrighted materials in online instruction with sample applications.  There will be time to discuss audience questions.

  • Tuesday, April 29, Atkins 273, 3-4 pm Register

Data Management & Data Services

Overview of the UNC Charlotte Data Repository 

This session is primarily for social science researchers who have data sets that they wish to publish and share.  There will be a short overview of the evolving concept of research data as a formal product of the research process.  We will briefly discuss methods for making data easy to find and share and citation of data sets.  The session includes an introduction and demonstration of the data repository that is supported at the UNC Charlotte library.


  • Wednesday, February 12, Atkins 273, 11 am – 12 pm Register
  • Thursday, March 20, Atkins 273, 11 am – 12 pm Register
  • Friday, April 18, Atkins 273, 2 – 3 pm Register

Usability Services

Brief Information Session 
User testing of interfaces and websites allows researchers to determine how effective this content is for the user and whether digital tools are performing as intended.  In a Usability Test, the participant's actions are recorded for both qualitative and quantitative information. These results can then be then analyzed to help identify problems with the interface.  This brief information session will present an overview of Usability Testing services in the library and discuss how they can add value to research and grant projects that result in digital products.   

  • Thursday, January 30, Atkins 273, 2-2:30 pm Register
  • Wednesday, February 26, Atkins 273, 3-3:30 pm Register
  • Friday, March 7, Atkins 273, 11-11:30 am Register
  • Tuesday, April 15, Atkins 273, 11-11:30 am Register

Digital Scholarship Information Sessions: on demand 

The DSL experts are available on demand to consult with faculty and graduate students on any of the services we provide.  One-on-one consultation or group sessions are available.


SPECIAL EVENT: Open Access Week 2013

Open Access Week, Oct. 21-25, 2013 is a global event, now in its 7th year, that promotes open access as a new norm in scholarship and research. 

SPECIAL EVENT:  Geographical Information Systems (GIS) Workshops

The Center for Applied GIScience, the Digital Scholarship Lab, and the College of Liberal Arts & Sciences Office of Academic Technologies hosted a series of workshops on Friday, Nov. 22, in the Digital Scholarship Lab classroom (Atkins 273) to introduce faculty and graduate students to GIS tools and resources that they can use in their research.  

  • Session 1:  Introduction to GIS.  
  • Session 2:  Adding GIS Data to Your Research Project.  
  • Session 3:  Overview of Research Themes of Center for Applied GIScience.
Special Event Speakers:
  • Wenwu Tang, Assistant Professor, Director of Computing and Technology for the Center for Applied GIScience.